Dumpster Rental FYI’s

  • The color of the waste bag may be green, but the bags themselves are certainly not.  Waste bags are deposited into a landfill along with whatever you have placed in them.  Our dumpsters are emptied at landfills to be reused again and again.
  • Most items we collect can be recycled.  Wood, plastic, glass, most metals, and even roofing shingles can be brought to a sorting facility for processing, thus saving valuable landfill space.
  • A dumpster bag only hold 3,300 lbs. Our smallest dumpster (15 yd) can hold over 10,000 lbs.
  • A dumpster bag is roughly the size of the bed of a pick-up truck bed.  Furthermore the sides  of the bag and will not be able to stay upright and hold in your debris.  Our smallest dumpster hold 15 cubic yards.  Complete with tough, steel walls that can hold over 10,000lbs.   All dumpster also have a large door at one end to allow for easy access to the space.
  • A dumpster bag must be placed within 16 ft of the curb for a roadside pick-up.  This can mean a lot of trips back and forth with very heavy items.  Depending on your property WNY Dumpster can place the dumpster adjacent to your working area.
  • Dumpster bags cost $160.00 and up a piece.  In most areas of Western New York we rent our dumpsters out for just a little bit more than that.  Plus our dumpsters hold far more waste than the bags as well.
  • Animals and wind can also easily get into dumpster bags leaving trash strewn about a neighborhood.  The height of our dumpsters make it difficult for either of these two hazards to get involved.
  • A common waste bag holds 3 cubic yards of waste or 606 gallons.  WNY Dumpster hold anywhere from 3,030 gallons to 8,080 gallons for a fraction of the price more.

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