Dumpsters for Roofing Contractors

WNY Dumpster understands that the roofers of Buffalo, NY have only a small window during the year in which to complete a year’s worth of work.   With such a small window for work, and in such a competitive industry, the last thing that roofing contractors need is an expensive and unresponsive roll-off container service to slow their progress.

WNY Dumpster is proud to offer special rates to roofing contractors and their crews.  Both in terms of space, volume, and pricing WNY Dumpster looks out for the roofing specialists of Buffalo like no one else.

WNY Dumpster has wider dumpsters that make for a much larger target to toss shingles into from off of a roof.  A great benefit the higher off the ground you are, and they still fit into all residential and commercial driveways.

Current Roofing Specials:

  • 3 Free Tons for 20 and 15 yd. Dumpsters!
  • 4 Free Tons for 30 and 40 yd. Dumpsters!

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